An Intrusion Detection System(IDS) is a software that monitors a host and notifies you of suspicious activity, in this case your Joomla website. Such suspicious activity can be a sign that attackers are trying to find a security hole to exploit on your Joomla website, or have already hacked into it.

IDS  detects Cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, header injection, Directory traversal, Remote File Execution, Local File Inclusion, Denial of Service (DoS). It provides impact of every attack by analyzing any chosen input variables as POST, GET, SESSION, COOKIE.

The main goal is to monitor any input from client that reach your website, detect malicious activity and notify administrator about it. Any malicious activity or violation is reported either to an administrator or collected to database.

This package lives about three years and run's on 100+ our own created ant maintained websites. So we want to share this piece of security with you.

Joomla IDS package works on top of PHPIDS package: